Audits & Reviews of Not-For-Profit Organizations

At Dave Stevenson CPA, CA we have over 30 years experience performing audits and reviews on the financial statements of Not-for-profit organizations and Registered Charities ranging all the way from large teaching hospitals in the GTA with annual budgets in excess of $200,000,000 to small local organizations with annual budgets less than $50,000.

What Makes Us Different?

At Dave Stevenson CPA, CA you are only dealing with one auditor who has a complete knowledge of your organization. You will not be faced with the situation where a different new auditing student shows up at your door every year or two and you have to explain all of your accounting procedures and policies all over again. Also as we restrict our audit practice to auditing Not-for-profit organizations and do a significant number of them annually we have the necessary knowledge to streamline the audit processes that we employ in order to minimize the intrusion on you and your staff and to perform the audit as efficiently and as cost effective as possible.